April, 20, 2019
Site Visit Request Form

This form is to be completed in its entirety in order to request that a member or members of the Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) National Executive Committee visit your chapter. Site visits are major priority for the PLS National Executive Committee, with the goal of enhancing outreach to both growing and well-established PLS chapters throughout the country. We hope to learn more about what your chapter does well, and also learn how we can better serve your individual chapters. The executive committee would be interested in meeting your Dean, students affairs representative, other administrators, chapters advisors, and alumni. The site visit can be individualized to the needs of your chapter, campus, site, etc. Below are some of the potential activities that our executive member can lead and/or participate in:

  • Meeting with administration – Executive Committee member(s) can meet with administration at your college or school to further discuss the student leadership development needs at your institution
  • Leadership presentation – Executive Committee member(s) can provide a presentation on leadership, how to succeed in pharmacy school, etc. We are open to re-using current materials or creating new materials based on the interests of your chapter
  • Induction ceremonies & general membership meetings – Executive Committee member(s) can speak and/or observe meetings or events of your chapter, including speaking at annual induction ceremonies. We recognize that each chapter has exceptional individuals within it, and hosts a number of exciting events to recognize and/or utilize those individuals. We would be honored to participate in these events

Please Note: Site visit requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the earliest requested visit date. When this form is submitted, requests will be honored in the order that they are received based on the availability of the executive committee members.